A bit of history

NAOS is a french progrock band founded in 1978 in the area of Versailles (not far from Paris).
During their first period they released a now lost single (L'indien), they made a lot of live performances and gigs in the area.

In 1988, they got tired and decided to stop the band.

... but the story was not finished so far, in 1990 they signed with the now disappeared independant label BAILLEMONT Productions and started touring to promote their first an newly released on CD an tape album "Roc & Légendes".
This album got quite a lot of success for a band playing "Rock Progressif à la Française" in the vein of ANGE.

In 1990 is the fan-club "La Confrérie des Mages de Khétevel" born which edited a (for 14 numbers) a little NAOS and Progressive rock fanzine: "Le Parchemin des Mages". This fanzine was given free during the gigs and send to the fan-club members and to lots of friends (other european and US zines, record companies, radio stations).
They made some radio appearance (in particular Bande A Part on the Paris FM waves).

In 1992, the new album "Naïf le Rêveur" was released, with even more success than the first one. They recorded a track for the compilation CD released by Muséa as a tribute to ANGE "A PROPOS D'ANGE"

Lots of concerts (in particular in Paris in the famous "143", which saw lots of euro progrock bands at the time - NOW from Belgium, CHANDELIER from Germany, ANGE of course, PENDRAGON from the UK) and some tours later, the end of BAILLEMONT Production lead to a slowing down of the activities of the band, the death of the fanzine and of the "Mages".

Only for a while because since 1998 (and a tour in Russia with MONA LISA - another famous french prog band) we can see a rebirth of the band (new members, use of a synth guitar to play the keyboards parts, etc.) and the next album will probably be released in 2000 ?


MP3 parts of the album tracks available !!!

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  • Lucien Pagano
Synth Guitar , Guitars
  • Philippe Mottée
Vocals and lyrics

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