Wednesday January 23, 2008
Qemu Brand new page: Qemu 0.9.1 on Windows
Overall Updated, corrected some front pages: this was not done since years !!!
Since December 2004
cygwin Constantly updated my Cygwin::EL pages. See the pages there for the last updates !
Wednesday September 13, 2002
RockBox-fr Added new page for the RockBox-FR project: great Open Source Firmware code for the ARCHOS MP3 devices !
Thuesday March 7, 2002
gqview Added gqview-1.1.1 RPM and SRPM.
gqmpeg Added gqmpeg-0.13.0 and gqmpeg-skins-0.1 RPM and SRPM.
xscreensaver Updated for xscreensaver-4.01.
cygwin Added gqmpeg-0.13.0, gqview-1.1.1 and xscreensaver-4.01.
Thursday January 31, 2002
cygwin Added gqmpeg-0.12.1 and gqview-1.0.2.
Tuesday January 15, 2002
RPM Farm Added link to my new site
cygwin Added xscreensaver-4.00-EL.
Monday January 7, 2002
cygwin Added tips and updated tarballs list: GQmpeg-0.12, GQview-1.0, GLE-3.0.7. All previously available versions were erased.
gqmpeg Added gqmpeg-0.12.0 RPM and SRPM.
gqview Added gqview-1.0.1 RPM and SRPM.
xlockmore Added xlockmore-5.03ALPHA07 RPM and SRPM.
xscreensaver Added gle-3.0.7 RPM and SRPM.
Prog Rock Updated music links.
Linux Updated Linux links.
smssend Added link to the Debian port.
Tuesday November 27, 2001
cygwin Added new tarballs.
gqview Added gqview-0.99.1 RPM and SRPM.
gqmpeg Added gqview-0.10.0 RPM and SRPM.
smssend Added gsmssend-1.7 and updated all related pages.
Wednesday October 23, 2001
xscreensaver Added xscreensaver-3.34 RPM and SRPM.
smssend Added gsmssend-1.6 and updated all related pages.
xlock Added RedHat 7.1 i686-RPM.
Open Source projects Updated Various pages, updated gwcc, added xv-3.10a-EL and gltt-2.5.
cygwin Added audiofile and xv tarballs.
Friday October 12, 2001
cygwin Added xlockmore-5.02 and removed all older versions.
Monday October 8, 2001
cygwin Added sballs/fire xscreensaver glx hacks tarball. Modified the page to show the size of the files to download.
gqview Added RedHat 7.1 i686-RPM.
Thursday October 4, 2001
xscreensaver Added new patch for sballs screen hack and RedHat 7.1 i686-RPM with the patched version.
cygwin Added gvim tarball.
Wednesday September 26, 2001
xscreensaver Added new patch for fire screen hack and updated logos.
cygwin Added new version of xscreensaver tarball and new screenshot.
Monday September 17, 2001
cygwin Updated the .xmodmaprc file.
cygwin Added new binary packages in Cygwin: xli/xloadimage/libgle/libglut/xscreensaver.
Friday September 14, 2001
cygwin Added Cygwin pages : HTML and all binary tarballs.
xlockmore Modified xlock pages for the Cygwin/XFree86 version.
GQview Modified GQview pages for the Cygwin/XFree86 version.
Prog Rock Updated music links.
Linux Updated Linux links.
NAOS Updated English NAOS page for the MP3 files.
Sunday August 26, 2001
xlockmore Added full binary Cygwin version for xlock-5.01.2.
Sunday August 19, 2001
Home Modified main menus.
Proxis Added links and page for PROXIS.BE.
Wednesday August 09, 2001
GNOME SmsSend Modified all pages for a framed version.
xlockmore Added cygwin port of xlockmore.
Monday July 09, 2001
NAOS Added all MP3 files !