antLangton's and Turk's generalized ants
atlantismoving sharks/whales/dolphin
ballbouncing balls
batbouncing flying bats
blotRorschach's ink blot test
boubouleMimi's bouboule of moving stars
bouncebouncing footballs
braidrandom braids and knots
bubblepopping bubbles
bugPalmiter's bug evolution and garden of Eden
cagethe Impossible Cage, an Escher-like GL scene
cartoonbouncing cartoons
clockPackard's clock
corala coral reef
crystalpolygons in 2D plane groups
daisya meadow of daisies
dclocka floating digital clock or message
decaya decaying screen
decoart as ugly as sin
demonGriffeath's cellular automata
dilemmaLloyd's Prisoner's Dilemma simulation
discretevarious discrete maps
driftcosmic drifting flame fractals
euler2da simulation of 2D incompressible inviscid fluid
eyeseyes following a bouncing grelb
fadeplota fading plot of sine squared
firea GL fire-like scene
flaga waving flag image
flamecosmic flame fractals
flowdynamic strange attractors
forestbinary trees of a fractal forest
galaxycrashing spiral galaxies
gearsGL's gears
goopgoop from a lava lamp
gravorbiting planets
helixstring art
hopreal plane iterated fractals
hyperspinning n-dimensional hypercubes
icoa bouncing polyhedron
ifsa modified iterated function system
imagerandomly appearing logos
inverta sphere inverted without wrinkles
jugglea Juggler, juggling
juliathe Julia set
kaleida kaleidoscope
lamentLemarchand's Box
laserspinning lasers
lifeConway's game of Life
life1dWolfram's game of 1D Life
life3dBays' game of 3D Life
lightningKeith's fractal lightning bolts
lisaanimated lisajous loops
lissielissajous worms
loopLangton's self-producing loops
lyapunovlyapunov space
mandelbrotmandelbrot sets
matrixthe Matrix
mazea random maze and a depth first search solution
moebiusMoebius Strip II, an Escher-like GL scene with ants
morph3dGL morphing polyhedra
mountainPapo's mountain range
munchmunching squares
nosea man with a big nose runs around spewing out messages
penrosePenrose's quasiperiodic tilings
polyominoesShows attempts to place polyominoes into a rectangle
petalvarious GCD Flowers
pipesa selfbuilding pipe system
puzzlea puzzle being scrambled and then solved
qixspinning lines a la Qix(tm)
rolla rolling ball
rotorTom's Roto-Rooter
rubikan auto-solving Rubik's Cube
sballsShows balls spinning like crazy in GL
shapestippled rectangles, ellipses, and triangles
sierpinskiSierpinski's triangle
skewban auto-solving Skewb
slipslipping blits
solitareKlondike's game of solitare
spacea journey into deep space
spherea bunch of shaded spheres
spirala helical locus of points
splinecolorful moving splines
sproingiesSproingies! Nontoxic. Safe for pets and small children
stairssome Infinite Stairs, an Escher-like scene
stara star field with a twist
strangestrange attractors
superquadrics3D mathematical shapes
swarma swarm of bees following a wasp
swirlanimated swirling patterns
t3da Flying Balls Clock Demo
tetrisan autoplaying tetris game
text3d3D text
thornbirdan animated bird in a thorn bush fractal map
tik_takrotating polygons
trianglea triangle mountain range
tubean animated tube
turtleturtle fractals
votersDewdney's Voters
watorDewdney's Water-Torus planet of fish and sharks
wirea random circuit with 2 electrons
worldspinning Earths
wormwiggly worms
xcla control line combat model race
xjackJack having one of those days
blanknothing but a black screen
runanother xprogram
randoma random mode (except blank)

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