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by Jamie Zawinski
XscreenSaver is also a "screen saver" and "locker" for X11. It is a different concept of locking as XlockMore by using a client-server architecture: a daemon is in charge of the user preferences and locking parts, communicating with one out of a lot of "screenhacks" to display interesting graphics (?!) on the root window.

  • xscreeensaver-4.01: finally, included my GL hacks from xlockmore: sballs and glforestfire. Have a look at the screenshots:
    GLforestFire screenhack GLforestFire with count > 0
    Sballs screenhack sballs
  • xscreeensaver-4.01: made i686 RPM and SRPM for Redhat 7.x:
  • Corrected stuffs for Cygwin and in sonar screen hack. Integrated in xscreensaver-3.34.
  • Ported to CygwinCygwin the 3.33 version : see my Cygwin contributions pages.
  • X11 resource file XScreenSaver to have messages of the main UI in french. Include it in $HOME/.Xdefaults or by using the specific X11 environment variables or the xrdb program.
  • In this project the atlantis mode, written for xlockmore was added by the project coordinator.
  • I created a perl script to parse the ~/.xscreensaver file to give you the hack number to be used for xscreensaver-command -select <N>;
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